Bringing Blockchain Technology to Modern Marketing

The Avantage of a Connected World

In 2019, the Avantage project team came to conclusion that traditional loyalty programs are out of date, so we decided to develop the best solution using Blockchain technology. We offer a universal, completely transparent system, which, first of all, includes all modern Internet marketing strategies within one integrated approach. Our experts will always give a simple answer to the most difficult question. With us you can economically satisfy your customers in the most efficient way, which will make it possible to use the loyalty system for your brand and marketing strategy. Let Avantage bring an edge to your brand!


Why Avantage?


Proof-of-Stake is a mechanism that allows the network to confirm transactions. While the wallet is running and connected to the network, the mechanism generates revenue for all AVN users.


All master / supernodes are rewarded for checking, storing and maintaining the blockchain. Each user who has 100,000 or 500,000 AVN on his account can install and use a masternode or supernode, respectively.


Secure assets with the parallel consensus mechanism of PoS, Masternode, and Supernode.

Blockchain Transparency

Blockchain transparency provides the complete security necessary for this project. How do we apply new technology to integrate it into a marketing solution? The idea is to provide the modern customer with the best experience possible. Customers will be able to freely transact AVN, as well as receive interest for performing certain procedures.

Improved control over bonus points will allow customers to make sound shopping decisions. Improving your experience, you can make more purchases and, most importantly, share your experience with everyone. One of the important aspects of our strategy is also the launch of various websites that will be connected to the AVN network, directing traffic back to the main sites demonstrating the companies products.

One of the right strategies nowadays is considered to be a well-organized campaign in social networks, which we want to achieve by 2020.

Locked coins

Blocked coins is a value that displays the number of unused coins stored in the investment portfolio of the project community, and it is equal to 60,000,000 AVN.



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Our team

Meet our friendly Avantage team

CEO at the company (Russia), ideologist, analyst, trader. Business Development Specialist.

Developer (Russia). Programmer, graduated from the university with honors. Got deep knowledge in blockchain technology.

Marketing Director (Canada). He was engaged in mining and sale of BTC, LTC, etc. A graduate of the university with a degree in Marketing


Director of Media Relations (Russia). He has extensive experience in media relations and advertising.


Operations Director (Russia). Programmer, analyst and trader. He has great knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.



Economy Manager (Russia). Accountant-economist. Higher economic education with honors.


Translator (Russia). Fluent in English and French. Graduated with honors from the Pedagogical University.



Regional Director in Mexico and Latin America, a crypto enthusiast and entrepreneur. He has been involved in the support of many cryptocurrencies throughout Latin America.


Operations Director (Russia). Economist, analyst. Higher economic education.



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